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Distant Web started as a potential Web Development Organization focusing on low cost web programming run by one person; Me (AKA DistantWords). For about 10 years or so I had worked almost exclusively for Scrub Radio, but now Scrub Radio is officially done and I have moved on.

I hand code everything in HTML/XHTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS. I am currently brushing up with the latest standards of HML5 and CSS3.

This is a second version of a content management system I am developing, having recently started from scratch due to evolving needs. I've decided to cut out most of what the old version offered in an effort to better focus on more immediate needs.

I'm going to do my best to streamline what's here and hopefully include future sections as my needs change.

Other aspects will be an ongoing effort for improved graphics, style, layout and overall design. Unfortunately I am not an artistic person, so those types of aspects are very difficult for me; one can easily learn something logical, but you cannot learn artisticness if you yourself are not artistic.

Thank you for reading,

Distant Web

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